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[ 0309 ] szerda monofog


m o n o f o g 
is a free improvisation audio-visual group. 

David Sutherland : DIY instruments, Turntable, Objects and Contact Microphone.
Unsound Photographs, collagist and video. 

Tamas Ilauszky : Casio Synthesizer, prepared Bass and found Objects.
Audio Sculptures with occasional toothbrush and silver foil.

m o n o f o g

founded 2012 in Budapest by artist David Sutherland and sculptor Tamas Ilauszky. Attempting to make music that is transgressive and non-idiomatic. There is a playful conflict between music making and sound art.

A semiotic audio; acoustic pixels collide with bass clarinet and a cello walks beside a bicycle wheel. In the afternoon I record myself ‘eating an apple’- it later fills the concert hall.

Playing with our feet in the flooded Danube to passersby and a guerrilla sculpture performance caught on video.

Meanwhile on Tilos Radio two men in suits and ties play track 2 from “3 Works for Radio” with silver foil and favoured bicyle wheel.
A red insulation cable gestures to a celtic drum and there is song and laughter ! Turn it up to 11.

Íratkozz fel a hírlevelünkre