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Pure Lust pres. Guzy + Yubik (DE)

[ 0215 ] Friday Pure Lust Pure Lust pres. Guzy + Yubik (DE)

Yubik (DE)
Daniel Santiago
Daniel Ban

David Guzy (DE)

David Guzy better known as GUZY (Germany) started DJing allready a while ago with a good friend. He started Djing by playing Hip Hop and Funk tunes as Guusbert. Soon due to the influence of his friend Jonas Saalbach, GUZY was introduced to try Djing Electronic music and he immediately fell in love with it, you can hear this Passion to the Music, while he is playing with the Mixer. His Sounds start at Downtempo and make a journey through Deephouse and can end up with Technoid Sounds. Mostly its melodic and dreamy. His first production came out on Underyourskin Records, a Co-Production with Foreign Guest. You find more own productions on Wildfang. Soon more is happening, keep your eyes opened, 2018 has more to look forwards to. GUZY´s monthly Podcast „Rebirth of Spring“ made big Waves, sounds that are made to lay back and enjoy, is what it´s made for. But listen for yourself:

Yubik (DE)

On their musical journey Yubik have been travelling off the beaten path. Cabalistic and groovy at the same time, their raw, feral and most of all irresistibly danceable sound effortlessly crosses borders. Wether it's in the studio or in the club, they continue their trip by pushing limits/exploring new turf. This is only the beginning.



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