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[ 0108 ] Monday BWOLA

Babylon Records presents:


BWOLA is the global bass party in the heart of Budapest serving as a melting pot for those who like to travel the globe three times a night. Hosted by Babylon's local artists and special guests.
This time we are celebrating our return to Toldi Klub after two years of playing in various locations in the centre of Budapest.
For this special occasion we invited two guests, Bambii and Baq!

Kirsten Azan, baptized Bambii, is one of Canada’s most compelling new DJs. Whether online or on dancefloors, her political and musical vernacular give credence to dance music’s ever expanding reach, the relationships it helps forge between individuals, cultures and spaces. As proof, the last year has taken her across Europe with Mykki Blanco and to festival stages at WayHome, TIME, Igloofest and Piknic Electronik. At home, her event series ‘JERK’ is still hitting capacity, still D.I.Y. and still true to its roots. Elsewhere, her work has been publicized in Complex, THUMP, NOW and The FADER.

Nothing shows more how fresh Baq is then the fact that he’s going to present his debut EP at BWOLA before it’s release on BABYLON. Bak Bálint is the student of the electronic music and media arts faculty of PTE. Baq started after the discovery of his asian roots triggering a journey into world music captured in the ‘Geree Sanasan’ EP. His production and sound consists of traditional mongolian instruments and throat singing coming straight from his ancient soul!

▪ Bambii (CA)
▪ bäq
▪ Stas
▪ Hataah

Admission : 1000 HUF

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