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Unknown Artist ~ mhmm

[ 0222 ] Friday mhmm Unknown Artist ~ mhmm

Unknown Artist

You may have a hunch who Unknown Artist is but it could be anybody, really. One thing is for sure: there is profound musical prowess lurking in this young Hungarian. Our guest has recently set ablaze a range of local parties and has unheard demos in the release pipeline with serious record labels both at home and abroad. Expect honest and raw energy.

Unknown Artist
We’ve recently had the pleasure to get to know this young homegrown producer whose unpresuming musical sensibility struck a chord right away. With demos slated for release this year on serious domestic and international labels (which we can’t reveal officially as of yet), we feel that this artist is one of the most promising local talents whose style is in line for international proliferation. Obviously we wouldn’t organise a night around someone we didn’t believe in. We’re expecting dynamic grooves and wild moves on the dancefloor!

Pizza Amore
These two good slices of pizza are closing the party in their prime-time slot after Unknown Artist with tracks made for spinning on your head. Amore...

Drizzy b2b Switch Nollie
Before the Unknown Artist we have another mysterious character making his debut at Toldi. Behind the decks we have Switch Nollie, who runs Torso, and most recently has become the co-curator of mhmm with Drizzy. This is their first time officially playing b2b as well. Finely tuned B-sides, house party house, and funky basses!

23-01 Drizzy b2b Switch Nollie
01-03 Unknown Artist
03-05 Pizza Amore


Pleux on all the visuals!

1000 < 00:30 < 1500

500 Super Early Bird (25db)
1000 Early Bird (25db)
1500 Standard Advance (50db)

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