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Selected Sounds: Throwing Snow (UK) // 9b0 'Eleven' Album Launch

[ 1118 ] Friday Selected Sounds Selected Sounds: Throwing Snow (UK) // 9b0 'Eleven' Album Launch

Throwing Snow

It has a reason that Ross Tones, better known as Throwing Snow, the wonderkid of Houndstooth label had the chance to work with the likes of Four Tet and Flying Lotus, to play at Boiler Room more than once and to support Bonobo or Jon Hopkins on their tour. Hi treats electronica like a potter does to a vessel: he forms it any way he wants, going from warm atmospheres to steely coldness - but always in a rewarding way.

He will be supported by one of the the top Hungarian glitch-electronic producers (who works as a perfectionist sound designer and creating his own instruments since he was a kid) 9b0 who spent five years to create and fine-tune his sophomore album. 'Eleven' is released by Budapest's Selected Sounds label.

Facebook event:

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