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Dan Shake ~ mhmm

[ 0308 ] Friday mhmm Dan Shake ~ mhmm

Dan Shake

Dan Shake has been making his mark on the world of dance music in the past couple of years with his funk touched productions and excquisie DJ sets. Parallel to being a refined selector, he has been releasing records with impact since 2014. His debut “3AM Jazz Club” on Moodymann’s Mahogani Music:

Since then he has released a string of delightful cuts on Shake and elsewhere:

In terms of a live performance you don’t really need anything other than this:

It would have been difficult to find better local musical partners for the night:

Alexandr will be setting the night off. Az one of the key organisers of OMOH and Persephone she is one of the most motivating event planners in Budapest, while also, to us, being one of the most exciting DJs around:

And who else could match the vibe levels Dan is going to leave the decks on than the daddy of disco himself Soundbank. Next to his sets we have been enjoying his parties as a part of Designer Drums and Decentralizált Pálmafák, and have been bobbing our heads to the house and disco edits of his label This Is Our Time.

This is looking out to be a special one!


2000 < 00:30 < 2500

1000 Super Early Bird (15x)
1500 Early Bird (15x)
2000 Standard Advance (20x)
2500 Final Release (50x)

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