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Nightdrive pres: DMX Krew /live/

[ 1125 ] Friday Nightdrive Nightdrive pres: DMX Krew /live/

DMX Krew a.k.a EDMX a.k.a Ed Upton has been making records for the past 25 years.

We won’t bore you with the discography, believe us, it’s too long.

He is one of the most iconic faces of the early 90’s DIY wave. There is no modern genre of music that he did not experiment with. With his massive collection of old synths and drum machines he touches on everything from acid, electro, boogie, synth pop, techno, IDM, Italo disco or house.

So we are in for a treat by a legend. After 10 years, again in Budapest.

DMX Krew live /u.k./ 
Galactic Jackson
carl oh
Fort Madeline


Facebook event:

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